For Lenders

Earn between 5% to 15% return per annum, by funding short term 1st and 2nd private mortgages
As a mortgage administrator, we take care of everything and you have access to complete reporting at any time.

Bosque Capital Inc. offers lenders a range of fully-secured, high return mortgage loan investments. We develop long-term partnerships with lenders, and put our own capital to work along investor capital, to help grow lenders returns and wealth.

For Brokers

Our investors offer competitive rates on private mortgages, along with excellent terms and rate flexibility.
We don't share in your broker commissions. You keep 100% of your commissions.

Bosque Capital mortgage administration offers very quick funding solutions, transparency and no surprises to your clients. We are not a mortgage broker, so we don’t compete with you.  You keep all of your broker commissions.

About Us

Bosque Capital Inc. is a boutique firm that administers private mortgages in major cities across Canada.  Bosque Capital leverages experienced leadership, relationships, and industry expertise to deliver attractive returns to our lenders. Bosque Capital has developed a reputation for earning returns exceeding the TSX index for its lenders and takes an all-encompassing approach in managing and growing our private mortgages portfolio.

We maintain integrity and financial independence with our mortgage brokers, as we do not share in broker commissions. We offer quick funding solutions, open mortgage terms and complete transparency of our terms and conditions.


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