Investing In Writing The Next Chapter Of Established Businesses

Investment Criteria


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    Fire Protection

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    Elevator Repair

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    Indoor Storage

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Greater than $500,000
Contract supported and/or recurring revenues
Consistent cash flows with a differentiated product or service offering leading to a competitive advantage
Majority equity position (51%+) required


Expert Business Valuation

Our Founder, Rim Grewal, is a Chartered Accountant and expert Chartered Business Valuator, and Partner at Clearhouse Valuations, a boutique business valuations firm in the GTA providing valuation services for mergers & acquisitions, capital raises, commercial litigation, and family law.  Rim has practiced exclusively in valuing private businesses for the last 10+ years and will satisfy himself of the value of a business before investing in a majority position.  Rim’s experience and expertise in valuations provides investors a competitive advantage and assurance that Bosque Capital is not overpaying for businesses.  For more on Rim and Clearhouse Valuations, visit


Letter of Intent & 30-Day Due Diligence Period

After conducting a preliminary valuation analysis and having discussions with the existing business owner(s), and there is mutual interest, we will move forward with a Letter of Intent (‘LOI’) which includes our offer price for the majority interest in the subject business, as well as a list of required information to complete a due diligence over 30-days.



If due diligence is a success and there is still mutual interest between Bosque Capital and the seller(s), we will submit an offer to purchase a majority interest of the subject business, with conditions satisfactory to us.



If the existing owner(s) are looking for an exit plan, we will work with them to arrange a smooth transition over a satisfactory number of years (generally 2 to 4).  Furthermore, if the owner(s) are looking to stay for the extended future, we will work together to enact growth plans.

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