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Private Mortgages (1st and 2nd Mortgages )

Investment Criteria

  • Location

    Major cities and municipalities across Canada

  • Loan To Equity Value (LTV)

    Up to a max of 75%, occasionally going up to 80% if term is shorter and the lender is satisfied

  • Real Estate Appraisals

    Each deal approved by Bosque Capital or our lenders is subject to our satisfaction of the real estate value being registered as a charge.  Occasionally we will require a certified real estate appraisal to provide us with an opinion of value.

  • Term

    1 month to 6 months, occasionally going beyond if the LTV is not greater than 75% and the rate of return is satisfactory to our lender

  • Rates

    1st mortgages (5% to 9.9%), 2nd mortgages (8% to 14.99%)

  • Direct Interest Payments to Investors

    Where lenders prefer, Bosque Capital will make direct deposits to the investors accounts for interest payments and principal repayments.  Alternatively, Lenders may elect to receive payments directly from the borrower.

  • Mortgage Administration Fees

    All fees and charges are paid for by the borrower.

  • Completely hands off

    Investors provide capital in exchange for interest payments, and repayment of capital at the end of mortgage terms, or can elect to reinvest their capital.  Bosque Capital manage all aspects of the loans, including origination, collecting payments and finalizing the loan.

  • RRSP Investing

    Investors can utilize their RRSP to invest, enabling tax-free growth until RRSPs are broken in the future.

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